Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NB of the Week

There's No Running in Baseball!

Thor: God of Thunder #6
Turns out that Gorr hates Gods because everybody he's loved has died from the horrible living conditions they've deal with (wife and unborn child especially). Instead of being mad, they all tell him that the Gods will hear them. Well after his blasphemous claims that Gods are nowhere, he is ousted. Only to come across a God. He takes something from him (looks to the the venom symbiote, really), kills the God and declares death to all that have forsaken him.

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #6 (of 06)
I guess I shouldn't have expected much from this prequel because all we get in this issue was the revel that the reason Comedian was killed was because he saw the alien/squid that Ozy was gonna release. The Issue ends with his death and Ozy seeing the irony in him doing a job seemingly fit for the man he's killing.

Ultimate X-Men #24
Turns out the seed that they tried to give the world for free actually works. Mutants have a land of lush forests and green that seem to be slightly sentient. But not everybody is happy there. Obviously. Can't have mutants without unhappy people complaining. Not much happened here but it was still a good issue.

Ultimate Wolverine #1 (of 04)
Back when we were introduced to James Hudson (some of Wolverine, raised the the Canadian Hudsons), he was given a device with a Princess Leia hologram of his real pappy explaining some things. Turns out there was a hidden message behind that message (conveniently) of something called the Mothervine. What is it? Its only issue 1 so we don't know. All we know is that Wolverine was involved, possibly James' real mother and now Quicksilver. To be continued.
Age of Ultron #1 (of 10)
Shit is still hitting the fan. Black Widow and Moon Knight think they're the only survivors in San Francisco while another ten or twelve think they're the only ones left in New York. Just like issue one, nothing happens but it's a world that is literally decimated by Ultron and I can't wait to find out what happened and how it's gonna be fixed.

Green Lantern Corps #18
Apparently the First Lantern Volthoom isn't so much evil as he is just a jerk. This is part six in the First Lantern Saga and and all he's been doing so far is showing people the lives that they could have been leading if things went differently in their past. He makes them think it's real so they feel it all as such though so.... yeah, he's a jerk.

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