Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NB of the Week


X-Factor #260 - The End of X-Factor: Part 4 of 6
Written by Peter David
Drawn by Neil Edwards

When Marvel announced that X-Factor was coming to an end, I was saddened. My pillows were salted with many a tear that night. Thankfully, David has said that he is working on another book for Marvel but nothing was said. This may be weird to some but it's possible that book was hinted at here, which is why this book was my favorite (but yes, the writing itself was also amazing).
As the series draws to it's end, each issue is focusing on the characters and what happens to them now that the team is done. In this issue, we have a drunk Polaris trying to wash away her new-found knowledge that she is the daughter of Magneto (now officially) and that she killed her parents. Trying to stop her from causing more havoc is her new half-brother Quicksilver. A typical fight ensues and the speedster is able to get the best of her but before he can take away himself, she is taken into police custody. Or so it would seem. While it very well could have been the police, Polaris comes to in a cell and is greeted by a shadowy figure.
"My name is Harrison Snow. I'm the CEO of a rather large company. I'm here to offer you the ground floor opportunity for a project of ours."
"Yeah. What's it called?"
"We're calling it X-Factor."
"Tell me more."
Could Peter David's new book be X-Factor? Marvel did just relaunch most of their books for the Marvel NOW initiative. Would it be very off to assume it's happening again? Factor has had a very strong and loyal fanbase. It's sales haven't been the best but it's hard to stop a book that's always selling a strong amount like it does so I could see a new title happening. Maybe one that may change the concept or team just enough to help draw in new readers and get it the sales it's so rightly deserved over the years. Peter David getting another book it awesome on it's own but if that book is a continuation of any kind from this one, Marvel has my monthly money once again.

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