Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NB of the Week


Thor: God of Thunder #11 - Godbomb: Conclusion
Written by Jason Aaron

Drawn by Esad Ribic

As the last issue ended. Gorr the God Butcher had set off his Godbomb just as the three Thors descended upon him. As this issue begins, Gods throughout time are falling over, painfully dying from the bomb that is stretching in every direction. As the Thors try to keep fighting, Current Thor decides he will not go lightly:

 "If he'd been a lesser God, Thor might have accepted that Gorr had won. And more so, that Gorr deserved to win. That Gods were cruel and jealous creatures. That it was time for their age to pass. But this was no lesser God.
This was the God of roaring thunder and raging storms, and even if he had been the last God left alive in all the universe...
He still would have been God enough."

And with his last push, Current Thor absorbs the impact of the entire bomb into himself. As the air clears, Gorr stands in disbelief as Thor still stands before him. Turns out, the black Hounds that Gorr has been using are a weapon. A weapon that was never meant for the likes of him but for a God. And Thor now possesses it. And in one, amazing, double-splash page, he redirects it all at Gorr, weakening him near death and allowing Past Thor to cleave his head clean off.
The Thors go back to their lives, forgetting about the time excursion and
likely to never meet each other again. The Gods were threatened, and the Gods were saved by the greatest of them all.
This was a story of pure myth. A tale of the Gods and the good and bad that they do and the problems they have to face due to their existence. Jason Aaron's dark tones match it perfectly with Ribic's art finishing off the edges. This may not be everybody's cup of Thor tea but it may also be one of my all time favorites. Hopefully, in a few years, when I reread this, it will stand the tests and continue to blow me away.

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