Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NB of the Week

Co-habitat Edition!

Wonder Woman #23 - God Down
Written by Brian Azzarello
Drawn by Cliff Chiang

The First born has risen and wants to rule Olympus as he sees he is due. Standing in his way (other than the various characters and Gods trying to stop him) is Zola's prophetic baby Zeke (people hate this baby). Just as things begin to look bad, War brings in his army of lost soldiers, which helps turn the tide but not as far as they wanted. Orion tried and lost, Wonder Woman tried and lost and now it's all up to War, who also doesn't fair so well. As First Born holds War by his throat, he figures killing him and becoming the new God of War will be a nice trophy before killing Zeke. Unfortunately for First, Diana was War's greatest student and she knows the stakes as she plunges a spear through both War and First, killing War in the processes. As he dies in her arms, he tells her he's proud of her choice and action, only regretting that he won't be around to watch her live up to the burden she now has. Apollo (current King of Olympus) comes for First as Hell comes for War and we end with a page of Wonder Woman carrying War onto their waiting ride and leaving to lay his body to it's rest.
Best book DC is currently making. While most every other title is the same crap as before the relaunch, WW is daring to break her mold and craft something new and strong and brilliant and it outshines all other books over there.

Ultimates #29 - Disassembled: Part 5
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Drawn by Carmine Di Giandomenico

If you've read my other rants about this you know the plot. Reed Richards and his team of baddies are trying to take over everything with the help of the Infinity Gems. This issue doesn't do much for that progression but it does do a lot to make you crap yourself. It's main two points are that Quicksilver knows Kang is not his loved sister Wanda, which is why he joined up. After figuring things out, Kang stabs poor Quicksilver through the heart (very fitting) and he's able to make his way to Wanda's grave before dropping dead. The second big reveal is the identity of the time-traveler as all the heroes come together to stop Reed at the end. They think they've all won but then enters Kang, revealing herself to be the near future Susan Storm.
The Ultimate world may be hit and miss and it may even be coming to an end (possibly) but the hits just keep coming and they just keep turning the Fantastic Four evil. After more than ten years of stories, the Ultimate-verse still gets me and I'm always excited to see how this plays out.

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