Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NB of the Week


Captain America #10 - Man Further Out of Time
Written by Rick Remender
Drawn by John Romita Jr

Big spoils ahead. You get a second warning. That's how big it is.
Jet and Cap have seemingly defeated Zola and need to stop his ship and mutates from invading our dimension before it's too late. As Sharon comes back and reveals the plan to blow everything up, Jet has a slight change of heart. If all the mutates die, her father (Zola, if you haven't kept up) dies completely so she begins to try and stop Sharon. After some choice words from Sharon, she convinces Jet that she can choose right as her little brother Ian did and leave her evil father behind, which is what she finally decides to do. Except it turns out that Zola wasn't as "dead" as they thought and that this was the final test that his disgrace of a daughter yet again failed. Now she shall die with them. With explosions rigged everywhere (thanks to Sharon's plan), the three of them try to escape but Zola is too big and too close. The only way to ensure Earth's survival is to stop Zola in his steps. That's where Sharon Carter proves to be every bit a hero that Cap is. Slipping herself from Cap's hold, she begins to fight Zola by herself until Cap is clear enough before she sets off the bombs with her and Zola still at ground zero.
"To watch you die knowing you failed. Knowing that Steve got away--
And your daughter with him. To watch you die in the same explosion that erases all of your work -- all your plans to invade Earth. And most importantly --
That I get to pull the trigger, you rotten son of a bitch."
Steve and Jet fly through the portal as the blast goes off but time is different in that dimension and as Steve runs back through, hoping to find Sharon, everything is gone and has been for years. His seconds outside, were many years for whatever was left inside. Twelve years away from his home and the people he loves, Cap is now back without the one woman he wanted to be with.
As en epilogue, we get narration from Dimension Z over the many years there as people have continued to rise above the power of Zola that is still left behind. Rumors are that Zola is still alive in some form, somewhere (Sharon?) but more so, rumors are that somebody has picked up the shield there. That somebody still fights with the values of Captain America. And on the last page, we see what appears to be a more adult Ian holding Cap's shield and the text reading that this mystery man of moral is like a wondering Nomad...
I've said it before and I'll stick with it: this book started slow but if you can work through it, there is amazing payoff. Remender is proving to be one of Marvel's best go-to guys and is nailing Cap. I never thought I would be happy to see somebody other than Brubaker on the title but this is one time I'm happy to be wrong.

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