Friday, February 7, 2014

(Late)(er)NB of the Week

Late once again so here's the rundown of the few books I read.

All-New Invaders #2
Jim Hammond is under attack by Tanalth the Pursuer (Kree badass chick) as she looks for the missing pieces of the God's Whisper (a machine that can control Gods). As Cap and Bucky come to his rescue, Tanalth gets word that they've recovered all the pieces and she heads. Now it's up to the three to find Namor and kick Kree ass.

New Avengers #14
Another Earth is taken out by another Incursion and Doctor Strange tells the dark lords that he wants all the power possible and he's willing to sell all his soul for it... I love Hickman but this issue seemed lacking and could been told in the last issue.

Earth 2 #20
After the revelation that the new Batman if Poppa Wayne (not dead in this universe), we get back to the action as he and his rag-tag group run from Parademons and try to get the new Kryptonian kid to realize how strong he can be and how much good he can do. Meanwhile, Superman destroys all places of holy worship as he declares Darkseid to be the only true God.

Captain America #16.NOW/#1
Jet Black runs around New York as she comes to realize that people of this dimension are soft and weak. She is then approached by Red Skull and is told that she should join him (out of respect to her father, whom was combined with Skull for a while). She turns him down but we're left with the forsehadowing that she may not be the hero we're hoping she becomes.

Forever Evil #5
Sinestro Joins up with Luthor's "Injustice" team and so does Deathstroke after being convinced that his business will die once the Syndicate takes over... And that's really it. Very slow issue.

Artifacts #34
The second issue by Top Cow's Talent Hunt winners gives us a story of Ian Nottingham really wanting his swords and killing a lot to get 'em. Not much here but it was a fun story.

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