Thursday, February 20, 2014

(Sorta Late)NB of the Week

A smaller week leaves larger runs yet again.

Savage Wolverine #15
It's 1933 and Wolverine is pissed off that some gangsters have taken his friends (children and all). This issue, while doing a lot, doesn't progress the story very much. He gets the kids out but not before one of them gets back into trouble causing Wolverine to trade himself for the boy. I don;t mind the lack of movement because the writing is awesome and the art is damn amazing.

Justice League #28
Pulling from the Book of Bendis, Geoff Johns does a great job of making a good read while doing nothing to further the already existing arc. We get the story behind Magnus's Metal Men, the how and why of their creation and ultimately their demise. However, they're not quite as dead as he thought and he's ready to bring them back into battle against the Crime Syndicate.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #10
Still willing to die fighting in the Realm of Dreams in the Underworld, He-Man, King Randor and Battle Cat wage war but are surprised when Teela, Stratos and Moss Man come to their rescue, The latter three have found out that the Sky Realm is a pathway through all the Circles of the Underworld and can easily leave now. As Randor takes over flying their ship, he guides them directly into the Realm of Death where the Snake Men live. Turns out it wasn't Randor at all as we geeks get the introduction of King Hiss.

Captain America #17
Or Dr. Mindbubble, what a weird, great character you are. After Cap fights some stereotype Asians, he finds out it was just a distraction from what was really happening. Nuke is dead and it was to release Weapon Minus (Mindbubble) who takes control with his mind bubbles (literally bubbles that come from a pipe in his forehead) and has Fury Jr attacking his own people without even knowing it.

Murdock has revealed himself to be Daredevil in court! Not a hoax or ruse or dream! He does it to make sure the Serpents can't, thus taking their leverage away. By the end, he defeats them (as was expected) but in doing such, he and Foggy (still dying from cancer) have been disbarred from legal practice in New York (apparently being a costumed hero and a lawyer cause ethical problems). And since it's very unlikely he'll get any state to issue another, he has to go to where he already has a license: California. Here comes the new series.

Wonder Woman #28
Another amazing issue from Azzarello that seemingly does nothing yet leaves me wanting more. Wonder Woman and Hermes find their way back to Zola and Zeke and find that their "guide" Dionysus has been taken and is being used to get into Olympus. Up on Olympus, First Born escapes his chains and surprises Apollo with how little he is willing to die. As First grabs Apollo and claims he is but the first God he shall kill, Apollo tells him it will be over his dead body and the last page is everything exploding. Great cliffhanger from what is still DC's best book.

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