Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NB of the Week


Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #1 (of 5)

Written by Rick Remender
Drawn by Roland Boschi

Remember in the current Captain America, we have the Iron Nail, who used to be a SHIELD agent and now wants to take down the western government? Of course you do. Turns out that years ago, he and Fury had a run in with the "urban myth" that is the Winter Soldier. After Hydra kidnapped a brother and sister scientist team (is that a team? I guess it's a team), Shen has been sent to rescue them. Turns out they have cracked the Alchemy Formula and SHIELD can't have Hydra having that. After a run in with Fury (the white one, not the black son who hasn't been born yet), the two set to infiltrate Castle Hydra. After Shen thinks he has a woman spilling all the beans, it turns out she has had him the whole time and Madame Worm has worked her tiny.. um, worms into Shen. After Fury helps kill (presumably) Worm, they find the two siblings and head to the roof to leave. But in a "blur of shadow", they are quickly taken. Turns out somebody else wants the formula. With convenient winged suits, Shen and Fury take off after the would be kidnapper. As Shen distracts, Fury swoops in with a blow that knocks the scientists out of villain's arms. Shen is able to fly in and save the two from certain deaths but now all five are stranded in the snow covered forest. Worse over, Shen caught a glimpse of the new kidnapper and the red star on his metal looking arm. The mark of the soviet assassin that no living man has ever confirmed.
"Part man. Part machine. You better hope he's myth. Better hope that wasn't him. Better pray to God you're not stranded in this forest with the Winter Soldier."
It's almost a given that with Remender writing Captain America and this mini, things will carry over and tie in but with this first issue, nothing is needed except the general knowledge of Bucky and his Winter Soldier history. Remender writes with intelligence and a great flare for espionage. Those final words, even though we know everything works out for Fury and Bucky (kinda), are terrifying. You feel how scared these guys should be, even trained SHIELD agents, by the notion of The Winter Soldier. Great first issue and I can't wait to see where this story takes us.

Check out this amazing cover from All-New X-Factor #3. The story was great and the cats have nothing to do with anything other than we find out Gambit has three pet cats but who cares? It's a damn awesome cover.

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