Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NB of the Week


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #31
Written by Tom Waltz
Drawn by Ross Campbell

The Turtles just can't catch a break. Most recently, Shredder kidnapped Leonardo and brainwashed him into leading his foot. This led Splinter and the other three to do some shady deals (with the likes of Old Hob and Slash) and an eventual fight with their lost family member. Though they were able to mostly break the control and get Leo back, the group is very uneasy and trying to mend. Leo hates himself and doesn't trust his own action (even though the spirit of his mother talks to him and tells him otherwise), they all hiding out in the forests at April's parents place (hid from them as well) and Alopex has followed them, wanting to turn over a new leaf after she found out that Shredder used her and was the one who killed her family before he mutated her.
That's kinda the catch-up and what happens here. Don may have found how to destroy the Technodrome that Krang is building. April cut her hair short like all women in Hollywood are doing. Raph is starting to let Alopex in a little without wanting to kill her. Mostly though, this is Leo's issue. As he sulks alone in the forest,Splinter comes up and begins to tell him that much like a sword that is drawn, Leo was just a tool used by Shredder. He was able to fight it before blood was drawn and he shouldn't hold that against himself. He then reveals that Leo is not alone is talking to his mother. Splinter also speaks with her and he tells Leo that for her sake, he won't let him give up on himself or their family. He then returns Leo's blue mask and walks away. Later that day, as they all (sans Leo, April and Casey) sit and eat, they are attacked by a new mutant, an eagle of sorts who was flashed last issue to us, and a few Foot Assassins ("Killers of the highest order!"). As the five of them try to fight and are quickly taken down, the bird stands over Splinter and says "You are beaten, rodent. There is no Escape. Are you prepared for the slaughter?". But then, from behind him comes "That's funny, bird..." and in a gigantic, TMNT boner moment
we get a final page of Leo standing with his katanas and Blue mask.
"... I was gonna ask you the same thing."

This title has been damn awesome from it's very start. With the exception of one story, everything has been great, old Turtles fun. These guys get what makes them so awesome and it's the gimmicks or toys or cartoons. It's the characters. This is a family that will fight each other but more often fight for each other and you get that. The stories have flowed together very nicely and overall, it's just great to be a Turtles fan again. If you have ever been one, this is the title you've been waiting for since the original Laird and Eastman days.

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