Thursday, March 6, 2014

(Late) NB of the Week

Rundown Edition!

Starlight #1

Mark Millar is getting back to his MillarWorld titles (Again. For now) with what I describe as Gran Torino meets John Carter. Duke McQueen has lived a long life. His wife just died, his two sons are trying to avoid him and the inter-dimensional adventures he had many years ago have found him once more. Not much happens in this issue but it's a great, solid start to what should hopefully be another amazing Millar series.

Earth 2 #21
Tom Taylor hits his first speed bump as new writer in an issue that does extremely little to progress the story. Evil Superman lasers an arm off Atom and them knocks him out with it. Everybody yells at Batman for wanting the new Kryptonian to stop Superman and Superman finds out about the Kryptonian. That's about it.

Forever Evil #6
The Fate of Nightwing! Only not really. As Batman and the Badguys find Nightwing, they find that he has a bomb attached that can only be disarmed if his heart stops. Luthor obliges and "kills" him by covering his airways. As Batan begins to beat him for it, Luthor tries to plead that it's not over. Over with the Crime Syndicate, their hooded prisoner is finally revealed to be Alexander Luthor (I assume from their Earth 3) and we find that he isn't so nice either as he kills Johnny Quick and steals his powers after calling "MAZAHS!" and gaining the power of the Dark Lightning. He claims he'll be the only hero this place needs.

Jupiter's Legacy #4
We get a little more history as to how the first group got their powers. Mostly, though, we get modern times as we see "heroes in hiding" and their son as they lat low in Australia. Honestly, there's been such time gaps that I'm not sure who these people are anymore. Another I'll have to reread once it's good and caught up instead of trying every four months to remember.

Captain America #18

Cap and Falcon have to fight SHIELD Agents that have been taken over by Mindbubble's mind bubbles. As they try to reach a secret SHIELD location (Cap's getting tired of their secrets, kinda like a certain movie that's coming up) and is brought up by Jet on MB's origin. Ex-SHIELD who has Cap's serum and lots of LSD. Worse over is that once you get in his bubbles, you either die in 'em or you kill yourself to not die in 'em cuz you're his forever. As Cap reaches the location, it turns out to be a Helicarrier the size of a cityand he now has to wonder what SHIELD is willing to do in order to make sure it doesn't fall into the hands of a crazy like Mindbubble.

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