Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NB of the Week

I should probably see a doctor for how often I get these RUNS.....

All-New X-Factor #4
Nil's secret weapon has been released and she/it is pretty pissed at him. Danger is let loose as she tries to kill Nil and anyone in her way. As Factor does it's best to slow her down, it's difficult when she can just load herself into any machine. Thankfully, a well placed kiss from Gambit opens up a few memories and she stops just in time to join the new X-Factor (and it's Gambit so a kiss makes sense in this instance).

All-New X-Men #24 ("All-New" is the new, hip thing)
Part 5 of the Trial of Jean Grey finally gives us some action to join Brian Bendis' dialogue. After J'Son stops the trial of Young Jean long enough for her to escape, Gladiator and the Shi'ar warriors square of with the Guardians and the X-Men, thinking they're behind it. Before too long, Young Jean shows back up, claiming that she is, in fact, guilty for the crimes of the Phoenix that she hasn't actually committed yet.

Witchblade #173
Sara Pazzini has been suspended from work after the last debacle and isn't taking it sitting down but before she go the verbal rounds with her ass of a boss, the Angelus lands down and she wants the other part of the Witchblade that Sara has. Not much actually happened in this issue but with Marz back on the book, it's been a good read so far.

Hawkeye #17
What a load of crap this was. We have a filler issue that is nothing more than a tv episode from an older issue that Clint was watching. It had nothing to do with either Hawkeyes or their stories and was nothing more that an attempt to let David Aja catch up on his art. Good or bad issue, I feel cheated with this one.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #32
Fighting abound as the Turtles are finally all back together and taking on Koya and the Foot's assassins. This issue was pretty much just awesome fighting. After Mikey flies in on a motorcycle and nailing Koya, Leo approaches. Instead of taking the killing strike, he pulls out a star and says within an hour, Koya will die. He can continue fighting or live. He chooses wisely. The whole gang leaves Northhampton, with Splinter saying it "time to stop running". I can't tell you just how great it is to have such an amazing TMNT book again.

Justice League of America #13
DC makes me hate them more and more. We think Stargirl has rescued everybody and it turns out that nothing from the last five issues happened and she's been in her own mind prison the whole time. Only she was able to escape because she realized it. The League is still trapped and she did nothing but retain some personal growth. Horse-shit. $24 worth of horse-shit.

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