Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NB of the Week


Wonder Woman #29 - King of Ashes
Written by Brian Azzarello
Drawn by Cliff Chiang

I know that I end up harping my favorites a lot here but that's what happens when dealing with favorites: you tend to like them the best.
Last issue saw everybody (sans Hera), in one way or another, making their way to Olympus where we also saw First Born break free of his chains and go after Apollo. The issue ended with Apollo seemingly sacrificing himself in order to stop First Born from claiming the throne. This issue starts with two pages of Hera being struck by a green meteor (yes, just like in Meteor Man). We quickly leave to find Hermes and Moon finding the scent of Zeke and taking off. From them, we head to Wonder Woman and Cassandra as they crash their... giant plane craft is what I guess it is... on Olympus where they find themselves meeting up with Hermes and Moon. All are shocked to see it in ruins and First Born standing proud, fleshless. All try to stop him from taking the throne but it seems futile. Until Hera returns. Apollo's sacrifice also gave Hera back her Godhood and powers. She zaps them all out of there, returning them to Paradise Island. Being human and still protected by Wonder Woman has humbled her immensely and to try and apologize, she has changed all her sisters back from snakes (her mother's fate is not yet revealed). Wonder Woman has her army.
"Olympus lies in ruins, claimed by a mad god. Warriors, I ask you to join me in a fight to reclaim heaven. Follow me... Not as your princess... But as the God of War!"
Azzarello has said that his run is coming to an end with this war for Olympus that has been building the whole time and as sad as I am to see him go, I'm certainly excited to see his ending to it. Two and a half years later, he has continued to make Wonder Woman the best book DC is publishing. It's taking chances and reaching for new stories and giving it a voice that makes it stand over all the others. I can only hope that DC is smart enough to put Azzarello on another book after this run because this is a talent that is too damn good to not utilize.

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