Thursday, March 27, 2014

NB of the Week


Comics arrived a day late but never a dollar short...

All-New X-Factor #5
Written by Peter David
Drawn by Carmine Di Giandomenico

After saving Danger from the clutches of Nil (of Thief Guild fame), the team brings her aboard as the newest member and just in time. A new face in the billionaire league, Lemar Smaug (no relation to the dragon and yes, that connection was made in the comic), wants to meet with Serval CEO Harrison Snow. Snow believes this to be a meeting of him buying out Smaug but Smaug has the opposite in mind. As Snow brings in Factor to introduce, Danger throws a wrench into things as she informs everbody that she is not the only one who isn't human: Smaug has no readings of a human. Turns out that is because Smaug is really the Magus (of Technarchy fame). As the team begins to fight (and it was a pretty awesome fight), Magus is able to escape after bringing out his secret weapon: his son, Warlock (of New Mutants fame). Which distracts well enough because Technarchy ruling is based on father/son killing each other. Magus hates his son and wants him dead. Or does he? There's only one person to go to when you need absolute knowledge of Warlock: Doug Ramsey (of Douglock fame).
As it was with the old X-Factor, Davis has made this X-Factor one of Marvel's best reads in it's short lifespan. I mean, he makes me excited for Warlock and Ramsey. Who the hell could pull that off?! Peter David, that's who. All-New X-Factor will likely never be one of Marvel's best selling titles but it's worthy of it. Far more than many other titles that outsell it.
(Also, David is about to launch an all new Spider-Man 2099 series so at least Marvel realizes how dedicated his fanbase is)

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