Friday, June 20, 2014

My Main Man Jackie Chan

Chinese Zodiac
Asian Hawk is a hunter of ancient relics (repetitive?) and is on the look for statue heads stolen from China hundreds of years ago. Those heads? The 12 heads of the Chinese zodiacs. He's been hired by a wealthy man (Oliver Platt) who plans on making millions upon millions by auctioning them off.... So pretty basic stuff.
This is supposed to be Chan's last big jump into action movies as he's getting pretty old. And sadly it showed. The man is currently 60 years old (58 when making this) and I assume after all the hard years, his body just doesn't move as well. You can tell wire works are used and you can definitely tell he's not putting his life in the same dangerous situations he once did but who can blame him? The movie was pretty cheesy and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit disappointed in it but at the end of the day, it's Jackie Flippin Chan and I don't really care much. He's earned my respect a hundred times over and even these bad movies are great to watch. I typically don't look up others' opinions in movies (as they tend to be a lot more serious about movie watching than I am) but I found a quote from Chris Sawin at that matched my feeling perfectly:
"Chinese Zodiac is incredibly frustrating at times and is mostly disappointing overall, but throws in just enough of what Jackie Chan used to be like in his prime to be somewhat satisfying."
If you already love Chan, you'll love this movie as you've probably loved every movie of his over the last decade. If you're somewhat new to the realm of Chan, I suggest watching some of his brilliant, older ones first to gain the respect needed to appreciate these newer ones.

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