Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NB of the Week

The Darkness Is Coming
The Sun Is Fading Fast
The Prophecy Fulfilled
The Runs Come At Last

Iron Fist: the Living Weapon #3
Danny stands in K'un L'un and is stunned to see it's destruction. Even more frightening is how he finds his teacher, Lei Kung the Thunderer: under the Tree of Immortality, on his knees, beheaded. Prince of Orphans tells him it's time for him to eat the tree's fruit and become their new yu-ti. Rand instead kicks it in half. Orphans doesn't like that too much and sends him flying out of K'un Lun. And right into the arms of his father...?

Captain America #21
Cap battle the Iron Nail to the bitter end. Which apparently means he sacrifices his body and youth... I may have missed something because I didn't understand that ending. I'll have to reread this story and see what it was that I didn't pick up.

Witchblade #175
Mystery still surrounds Sara Pezzini and how she rid herself of the Witchblade but now that she was forced to take it back, they need to talk it out a little. Which essentially breaks down to Pezzini telling the Witchblade off in dream-world, making her claim that it's damn lucky to have her and it better shut up. Surprise surprise, it listens and she is taken back as full Witchblade.

Original Sin #3
In one of Marvel's larger WTF moments in memory, This issue ends with a pretty big surprise. Most of the issue is talk and detective work ti figure out who killed the Watcher but the end answers that for us: it was apparently Bucky. And he reveals himself to us and to Nick Fury as he shoots Fury in the chest, shoots off his hand that's reaching for a gun and then proceed to cut Fury's head off. A shocker of a last page even if you know it's not all it seems.

All-New X-Factor #9
New mutant Georgia joins the team and finds out that her father was only adoptive as DNA finds her birth mother. Quicksilver talks the team into taking her to meet her (since he and Polaris should know a thing or two about abandoned children). After Georgia meets her mother, it's all too soon before her father interrupts and kidnaps her (he is apparently a very bad mutant that we don't know). Meanwhile, Gambit courts and beds the blond on the cover only to find out it's his new boss' wife. Oops.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 34
The focal point of this issue is mostly Donny, April and Angel visiting good old Harold, from back in Donny's micro issue. They want him to look over Fugitoid's notes on the Technodrome to see if he can figure out how to stop it. While visiting, though, Angel stumbles onto Metal Head, who of course looses control and attacks them all. When will the antics ever end?

Miles Morales: the Ultimate Spider-Man #2
Love Bendis on this book but once again, nothing happens by way of progress, just some amazing dialogue. Essentially, Miles runs into Peter Parker, who is supposed to be dead. Pete claims it's complicated. They scuffle a bit and Pete escapes with Miles' web shooters (which is what he wanted). Miles talks to Ganke about it and tells him Jessica Drew is a clone of Pete and believes this one is too, while Ganke reveals he's comfortable enough to then admit that Spider-Man has a great butt. The End.

Earth 2 #24
Not a lot happens in this issue even though it was pretty awesome. Lantern is back and he has a can of whoop ass for the Parademons as Hawkgirl rescues Flash. Meanwhile, Jimmy is able to talk Val out of his raggedy sweatshirt to find that he has been hiding an S on his chest this whole time

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