Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NB of the Week


Wonder Woman #32

Written by Brian Azzarello
Drawn by Goran Sudzuka

The Sons of the Amazon will join the ladies and fight for their world. Strife wants to be the God to survive the First Born's murderous rampage by being by his side and bearing his child. Minotaur and Cassandra attack Demeter on her home turf and find out that you don't muck with the Harvest. But then First Born walks in, looking for his next kill. Too bad Diana has arrived. She sends that others away and prepares for war.
As with the previous almost three years, Azzarello has made Wonder Woman and the Gods of Olympus a force to be reckoned with. Gods have been around in comics for a very long time. Norse, Greek, Chinese, Skrull. They're all there. Never have I read a comic where the Gods have felt this "human." I care about these ones more than I care about most other DC characters. One could argue that Azzarello's writing is too slow paced and I'd listen to that argument. But I won't concede to it. Every issue has been great. Each story arc has built upon the last and given layer upon layer to these characters, God or other. Azzarello's run is coming to a end pretty soon and on that day I may weep a little. Maybe internally, maybe externally but the lament shall be the same either way. I very much doubt that DC will get another writer that will hold half as much interest from me that this title has done so far.

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