Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finch Goes Exclusive

It was announced today that comic artist Dave Finch has signed an exclusive contract with DC. After a very long stint with Marvel, this might be (some of)his first with their competitor. I am personally a big fan of the guy's work and am more than a little excited to see what they put him on. I could easily see them putting him on a Bat-book, especially with how dark and gritty his style is. Would also make sense for them to throw him on something Lantern with how large those charatcers have gotten (Finch on anything with Atrocitus might just be a too much of a geek-gasm for me to handle though).
However, I think this would be the perfect point to push forward with something from the Fifth World. The New Gods haven't been seen since Morrison's Final Crisis, and what better way to usher in a new era for them than to have one of the biggest names in art drawing them. It could make a great opportunity for DC to remake them into a force to be noticed as opposed to the stale slop that Byrne tried.


  1. I think DC gets very focused on one thing then forgets everything else for a while. They focus on Batman and then everything slides or they focus on have a big Crisis then it is hard to follow and they end up having everything slide. Right now with they are focusing on Green Lantern and I bet they will put him to work for that. Of course my ultimate thing is if he worked on Hawkman and Hawkgirl but I am the only person who actually liked and read those.

  2. Hawkman would be very cool. I would love to see that happen. And with both -Man and -Woman being dead right now, and new start should be imminent.

  3. Very few people stay dead in comics. They go to a waiting room which is like limbo or purgatory if you are there for a while. If you are there to long the characters go crazy and when they come back they are psychotic like Jason Todd. However, most just wait for their name to be called and come back to do their dramatic rescue with Super hero pose.