Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vampire's are Still Stupid

As luck would have it, we get yet another vampire flick Friday with Daybreakers. Much to my approval, this one does not center around a high school girl finding out that she has fallen in love with a gay vampire or an illegally-aged werewolf. It does however have Ethan Hawke, so ya gotta kinda choose your poison. But I digress. Daybreakers had a good start, with some great looking make-up in the vampire monsters/mutants. But thats about where it stopped. Poor story and poor acting have made this yet another vampire flick that makes Rice roll over in her grave (even if she's not dead, because I don't really know or much care). And the best part, in a twist you will never see coming (SPOILER ALERT), it is actually the sunlight that turns them back into humans. Sunlight. Turns out I actually was watching a movie about gay vampires.

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