Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Money: From My Pockets to DC's Wallets

DC announced this week two new, bi-monthly series that will run for the next year. The first (and less important) title will be the return of the Justice League International in Justice League: Generation Lost. It will bring back JLI writer Keith Giffen to the characters of Captain Marvel, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire, Ice and Red Rocket, only this time he will be paired with Judd Winick. It is set to go 26 issues starting around May (maybe) and it will come out twice a month, in between the other bi-monthly title of Brightest Day.
Brightest Day is the aftermath from Blackest Night. The 26-issue series will be written by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi (current writers of Lantern and Lantern Corps, respectively) and will have the obvious tie-ins to both other books. It is also the first announced work from newly exclusive Dave Finch as he will be on cover detail. Spreading out from the half-year title, will be the launch of 2 other books and an other's tie-in. Starting with issue 44, Justice League of America will fall under its banner, with it having the first team-up of the new rosters for it and Society.Titans will also see a new relaunch under the banner, however it is a new team lead by their main baddie Deathstroke. Finally, the new Flash book from Johns and Francis Manapal will also come under Brightest Day.
Johns on Flash again was all I needed to hear. The others could be cool, but they all fail in comparison to this title. So thank you, DC, for taking more money from me that should be spent on something better like rent or a girlfriend. Or buying a girlfriend.

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