Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clif-Notes: Super

For those that have never heard of this movie, it's a little "indie" movie staring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Live Tyler, Kevin Bacon and Nathan Fillion (hence the "s around the indie).
After Frank's wife (Wilson and Tyler) leaves him for a drug lord (Bacon), he gets spiritual visions from a religious icon (Fillion) and dons a superhero costume in order to fight crime and get his wife back. On this journey, an overzealous comic geek (Page) decides to suit-up and join him on his quest.
At first glance, this just looked like a Kick-Ass rip-off. Fun as it actually looked, I felt like I had seen it. By movie's end, it may not have been the most original movie I had seen but it was no longer the rip-off I had felt it would be. From the start, you know this is all a ploy to get his wife back. He's not really looking to fight crime on a daily basis and isn't the most concern with human life as he does it. He really just wants to kill Kevin Bacon and get Liv Tyler back. Ellen Page is fun as the geek who wants to help. She's super excited for the chance in an almost a.d.d. fashion. And her potty mouth is a little hot to me. She throws out those bombs like they have expiration dates. And she's a bit naughty. She tries to seduce Wilson in one scene (in what can only be described as awkwardly funny) and kinda rapes him. Kinda. It was weird.
And that's probably the best word to describe this movie. Weird. It was funny and the violence was pretty cool too but weird is the best word. I really liked it and if you don't mind the language or Ellen Page "gushing", you should give it a shot.

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