Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NB of the Week

Uncanny X-Force #14 - The Dark Angel Saga: Chapter 4
So after surviving the AoA universe and retrieving the Life Seed to save Angel, what does Force get to come back home to? Angel already having ascended to his full form of Archangel, bent on replacing the now dead Apocalypse for essentially world domination. And that's just how the last issue ended.
Archangel and his Horsemen have taken over Cavern-X (The World from Morrison's New X-Men run) and easily take out the members of Force one by one. He has countered Fantomex's misdirection with not even a blink of an eye. Wolverine then slices him a bit which causes Genocide (apparently a new Horseman) to blast off half a Wolverine's freakin' body! Deadpool is an easy target as Famine hits him with "diarrhea mad of sadness and anger". That leaves Psylock. A while back, she was training through scenarios of how to kill Warren if needed. Now is the time. A jump, flip and the slicing of a tendon takes down War and drops him on Famine, taking two with one stone. Through her calculating, inner-dialogue (which is nothing short of a joy to read through), she prepares for Dark Beast by shredding his pectoral muscle as he leaps at her, leaving his arm immobile. However, she can't pull the trigger on Archangel yet. She trows her blade through his chest but purposefully misses his heart by inches. She uses the time to get everyone up and out. However, Warren now holds The World and the Life Seed which means many, many people will die very, very soon. Psylock leaves the others to try and talk sense into what she still thinks is left of Warren in that mind. Nothing matters now though, as Archangel takes Genocide up to a little town where he destroys it and all the people living there. The final page is silent as Archangel flies above the massive explosion, empty faced, Psylock weeps into her hands, Dark Beast holds the Life Seed (seemingly plotting his own scheme for later) and Fantomex standing over a "lifeless" Wolverine, wondering how he's going to save everyone from this one.
Ive said it before and I'll say it again: Rick Remender's writing on this book is absolutely amazing. There has not been one dull moment from the start. His plotting is excellent as the very first story is still playing out and causing much larger problems to this day. Amazing book. If you have any inkling to read comics, this should be one of your top choices. It's that great.

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