Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marvel Makes Me Racist

Marvel revealed who the new Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man was and I have to say that my initial response in that I have been cheated.
The replacement is a new character named Miles Morales. A teen who is half-black and half-Hispanic. Here lies my problem. My initial reaction is that Pete was killed so that they could make a big hoopla about having a Spider-Man of color. I'm hoping that's not the big picture and I would love to be wrong, but that's how it first looks. And if that's the case, I think it takes away from Pete's death. To kill off a character just so you can have more ethnicity is crap. I understand the need for more diversity in the characters but there should be reason for it.
That being said, I have read nothing involving this character. Fact of the matter is, he could simply be another kid who saw what happened to Peter and want to make a difference himself. I will try to hold off on full judgment until I actually read what happens. Bendis has made this title amazing for a decade and I have faith that he will continue to do so, no matter what color skin in under the mask. I'm just hoping it was all done for a better reason than "we need more ethnic characters".
So congratulations Marvel. You have finally made me feel racist.

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