Friday, April 27, 2012

Guilty Pleasure #2

Yeah. You read that right. Pokemon. When this Japanese sensation first come over here to the states, I was one of the millions who were swept up in it. It was my first obsession, years before I started hording comics and toys. I was competing against my friend Bryan to see just who could catch them all and it was always him. Pokemon was the reason I got my first Game Boy. I had the games, the cards and the toys. I taped each episode that was on at six in the morning while I got ready for school and watched it the first chance I got. I went to Burger King each lunch break with Bryan and we each got two, sometimes three Kids Meals just so that we could get more of the toys when they had 'em. And yes, I do still have all my junk from it.
And I still get those warm feelings whenever I come across something Pokemon related. It's the nostalgia of it. Despite what I think now or what people think when looking back, it was big deal for me. Hell, I even did my big speech in class speech on it (and got an A, thank you very much).
True to geek form, I feel like nothing from Pokemon will ever beat the originals. Ash sounded like a little girl in the cartoon (probably voiced by one too), Misty was a whiny bitch, Brock wanted rape every chick he came around and Team Rocket were a gay and lesbian who wanted Pikachu just a little much. Fossils that somehow created extinct Pokemon, Evolution Stones that changed Pikachu into Raichu and bait and switch tactics to turn the worthless Magikarp into the badass Gyarados. 150 Pokemon plus the rumored and rare #151 Mew. Now there are 648 different Pokemon. How the shit is a kid suppose to follow all those?!
Anyhow, as most can attest to, I have matured plenty since those days. Pokemon may be gone but it shall never be forgotten. Especially since I never caught Raikou, Entei or Suicune. I'll find you fuckers eventually.


  1. I love Pokemon, I pulled out my old N64 the other day just so I could play Pokemon stadium.

  2. Nice. Game Boy was the only thing I had for the longest time in order to play any Pokemon game.