Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NB of the Week

Ultimate Spider-Man #9
Spidey's uncle in the Prowler. Scorpion wants to take over as the new Kingpin. Bendis is still great in this title and Sara Pichelli's art is brilliant (the issue says it's another artist but if it is, this guy looks exactly like Pichelli's art so I'm going with his name being wrong). Mostly, I'm pretty sure I like Miles as Spider-Man better than I liked Peter Parker. Probably in part because he had Pete before him to kinda show him the ways but mostly because Miles isn't a cry baby. He takes is seriously, doubts himself the same but doesn't mope about it. When his going gets tough, he shuts up and gets tough back and I love it. You should be reading this book if you're not.

The Best of the Rest
Fatale #4 - Mystery still lingers as the hatted men get closer to their target. Brubaker on these kind of titles is what makes comics so versatile.

Stormwatch #8 - Sadly, Paul Cornell is now off this title but this two-issue story by Paul Jenkins was quite good and Peter Milligan is coming on board so I still have high hopes.

Daredevil #10.1 - A quick recap issue that also leads into the Omega Effect story that runs through this, Punisher and Avenging Spider-Man this month. DD had a device with intel from five different terrorist organizations and they all want it back. And they all want Murdock out of the picture to get it.

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