Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NB of the Week

I've got split ballots for this week thanks to two, great moments that wanna duke it out.
First off, we have
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #9
In which the gang, Casey and April go after the kidnapped Splinter. They track him and Old Hob to StockGen. After a quick break-in and some all around badassery, the Turtles bust down the door to find Hob and his scientist on the floor, Splinter missing once again. Here's where it gets even better. Who has now taken Splinter and is standing there on the last page, ready to start some ass-kicking of his own? Shredder. The baddie we've been waiting for. He's been mentioned and slightly seen (in the Leo one-shot) but not fully brought in. It's been nine, amazing issues and I can't wait for issue ten and beyond. Great series.
What moment could hold water against the introduction of Shredder? The final page in this month's
FF #17
With Johnny's return, he's looking for some stability again. Moving in with one Peter Parker is just the way to find that, right? Not if you're Peter Parker. Peter is trying to find a way to tell Johnny to move out the whole issue, always finding a reason to talk himself out of it. Until Pete walks into the bathroom for a shower. What he finds in there is too much and as soon as he shows Johnny, Johnny agrees that he should move out. What did they see in that bathroom? This...

Not much to do after finding Annihilus sitting on your can then to just walk away.

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