Thursday, April 12, 2012

NB of the Week

Work late blah blah blah blah comics.
Fantastic Four #605 - End of Line
Having rewritten the future, Reed and his father take a ride into the newly minted timeline to see how things are. What they find is not really surprising but not really the expected either. In the year 3012, Franklin Richards and Ben Grimm are the only two, constant members of the Fantastic Four. Turns out the serum that lets Ben change human once a year also stops him from aging outside of that week. The two of them are still fightin' and still running the Future Foundation.
In the year 4012, Ben has aged a bit more and appears to have stopped the fighting part of the family business. With Franklin off and Ben the only one left, congratulates all the graduating members of the Foundation, reminding them to have fun. To cherish their times and to never forget why it is that they're doing this. Reed seems a little more saddened by Ben's lonesomeness.
In 5012, Reed watches Ben talking to statues of Sue, Johnny and himself, telling them about how so much has changed and how he wishes he could ever find a hamburger again. But at least while Franklin is always gone, he still has them to talk to.
In 6012, Reed is heartbroken to see Franklin laying old Ben Grimm to rest, to finally join the family. Nobody there but Franklin and Ben.
As Reed has his father take them back to the present, we know how upset these sights have made him. He walks to the living room after grabbing two drinks and sits next to Ben who's watching some fights in the television
"You really gonna stick around?", asks Ben.
"If that's ok with you."
"I'm keepin' the remote. Rules are rules."
"Well.... All right."
"And you're sure you don't need to go build some kinda anti-doomsday thingee? Save the world or somethin'?"
"I'm good."
"I've missed you too, Stretch."
The Fantastic Four has been and should always be about family first. The heroics and the villains and the saving of the days is all under that category for them and Jonathan Hickman gets that. Reed will always feel guilty about what he did to his best friend. Ben will always lash out at that but still never hold it against him. At the end of the day, they are family and nothing can tear that down. Almost brings a tear to your eye.

The Best of the Rest
The Secret Service #1 - Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons bring you British spy games as never before. Plus, they kill Mark Hamill. Yes, the Mark Hamill.

Saga #2 - Near perfect writing from Vaughan brings another issue to life as I almost shit myself because of a giant spider lady.

Ultimate X-Men #10 - Storm tries to stop Stacey X from killing their captors after they cause a riot at the camp where they're held. Only problem is that every vote is split down the middle. Colossus proudly stops the tie as he crushes the head of one man. Guess they shouldn't have tortured him so much.

Green Lantern #8 - Turns out Abin Sur did create the Indigo Tribe and we find out that Indigo herself used to be Abin's sworn enemy. Also, Sinestro gets turned into an Indigo!?


  1. Man, that Fantastic four stuff made me a bit misty-eyed, and that was just from reading your description of it.

  2. I read the issue twice today. May be the best single issue of Hickman's run. If not at least top three.