Thursday, April 19, 2012

NB of the Week

Rundown Rundown Rundown!

Wonder Woman #8 - Traveling to Hell to get back Zola, WW finds out that the weapons of the Gods can hurt her as Hades takes her as his soon to be bride.

Uncanny X-Force $24 - AoA Nightcrawler is good on his word to rid this world of other AoA counters as he reminds Iceman that fire shall always be his enemy. Good for you AoA Nightcrawler.

Green Lantern Corps #8 - Guy Gardner accepts a rank promotion from the Guardians (cuz that's gonna go so well) while John is arrested for killing a fellow Lantern

Age of Apocalypse #2 - As Sabretoother and Jean deal with being human, the X-Terminated find out that Cyclops is alive again thanks to Sugar Man and Beast. And he's not the only one they're bringing back.

X-Factor #234 - The Isolationist is back and plotting, his scantly clad, demon-chick "partner" is killing costumed dudes in Seattle and Jamie's dupe grabs Jamie's butt. His own butt? The real Jamie's butt.

TMNT Micro-Series: Leonardo - Now that Splinter has been taken, Leo sets out for him only to be attacked by The Foot. One on particular is not impressed with him. Shredder is coming at I couldn't be more excited.

Avengers #25 - Avengers vs. X-Men has begun which means we get a flashback story from the Avengers... At the end and in present time, The Protector (ie Captain Marvel, ie Marvel Boy, ie Noh-Varr) is contacted by the Supreme Intelligence and told to handle the coming Phoenix force himself.

Justice League #8 - Green Arrow really really really wants to be part of the team. Too bad Martian Manhunter messed that up for him before joining Stormwatch.

The Punisher #10 - Part 2 of The Omega Effect swings things away from DD as female Punisher (even Spidey can't figure out a name for her) seemingly double-crosses him, leaving him for the wolves as she takes the Omega Drive for herself.

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