Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NB of the Week

-Run, Run, Run As Fast As You Can, You'll Never Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Man-

Thanos Rising #2
Thanos has a taste for blood. Years after killing all those helpless lizards, Thanos' quest for knowledge has driven him down a dark path and he decides in order to figure himself out, he may was well start dissecting people. After that doesn't pan out, he figures the real path lies within his mother, which just happens to be the one he cuts into next. Dark art, dark story, this mini has nailed two for two in my book.

Dial H #12
Um, a lot of Canadian Dials appear and save our heroes.... I think. To be honest, this series jumps around a lot and isn't the easiest thing to follow at times. Oh and the villain, The Centipede, gets exactly what he wanted at the end. Or at least that's what they told me on the last page.

Artifacts #27
Magdalena and Tom Judge try to track down the Glacier Stone artifact but things can't be easy in comic world as they guy they thought had it no longer has it or his head. They come across Michael Finnegan (the bearer of the Glacier Stone in the last version of the Top Cow U) who is there also looking for something. What they all find is a weird, goat-man with the dude's head tied to his waist and the Glacier Stone in it's hand.
Ultimate X-Men #26
Kitty has to admit slight defeat as the US Army wants to fight and she is left knowing that they may have to defend themselves with the violence she has been trying to avoid. She brings Mach Two back into the mix and they prepare for their possible war. Also, Psylock is a stealthy ninja and knows that Jean Grey is plotting something. Which she is so it's not a surprise to us.

Hawkeye #10
Last issue's death was shocking but who is the killer behind the gun? We step back and see a story of the man before the murder happens (which was a little confusing until it came together at the end). Turns out he has dealings with the Tracksuit Bros and that can't mean anything good for Clint.

Earth 2 #12
Wotan and the new Doctor Strange battle... and not much else. Khalid begins to embrace the Gods and the powers they give him (not that he has much choice anymore) as he takes on Wotan again for the first time (reincarnation does that). He banishes him and all is saved but the life of a hero is never dull and Steppenwolf has come back, setting up the next great fight for the new Wonders.

Age of Ultron #7 (beware the spoils...)
Wolverine and Sue come back to the present after killing Pym in the past. They're unsure what the hell is going on as The Defenders (Colonel America, Star-Lord, Hulk, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel(Janet/Wasp), Cable(Scott Summers), Thing & Wolverine) attack them, thinking them Skrulls. After a good tussle, Sue and Wolverine are taken down and Tony Stark comes into the picture (and it looks like he and his tech are supreme being number one there now).

X-Factor #255
Mephisto wins. He has beaten the other Hell Lords and has claimed Earth as his new domain. With no other option, Wolfsbane's son decides that if he has to kill him for it to stop, that's the path he has to go down. Also, Strong Guy may have killed M. He certainly thinks he did and she definitely looks it (but in comics, it's never that easy).

Aquaman #19
Everybody plots against everybody in this series. Orm's people are trying to break him out so he can take back the throne while Aquaman is trying to unite water- with land-people while on the throne and and King with the 7th relic wants his throne back. It's like Game of Thrones without the nudity, beheadings and incest.

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