Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NB of the Week


Thor: God of Thunder #08 - Godbomb Part Two
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Esad Ribic

I thought long and hard (not really) about putting another issue of Thor as my pick but golly darnit if Jason Aaron isn't writing some of the best Thor in many years. Quick catch-up: Present Thor is with Future Thor, traveling to Gorr's planet in order to stop him once and for all. Unknown to them, Past Thor has been pulled from time and enslaved on Gorr's planet (along with other Gods from all over time and space) and forced to build his Godbomb which will destroy all gods forever...
Young Thor wants to rebel and destroy the Dogs of Gorr and kill Gorr for himself but the other Gods stop him, showing him that his immaturity is only killing more Gods. Turns out that three ladies are already starting a rebellion of their own. And they are the grandchildren of Thor himself. Which is hilarious once revealed because one girl than claimed "I've been having impure thoughts about my grandfather."
Anywho, turns out that as they've been mining dead stars and planets for the bomb over the last 900 years, they've been collecting every piece of unstable matter they came across in the hopes that they would eventually have enough to take down the Godbomb. However, to get it close enough to use, the one doing it would most probably die with it. Young Thor leaps at the chance and takes off with their homemade bomb. As he charges toward the Godbomb, he and the others try their best to stop the Dogs from getting to him. As he goes, he makes one last plea:
 "One last storm. That's all I ask. If today the God of Thunder must die screaming... Them let the sky scream with me!"
Proving he is the true God of Thunder, the skies open with lighting and rain down fire (mother-fudging fire!) and  with one throw, the unstable matter explodes against the Godbomb. Cut back to Present and Future Thor,m they both have their own Obi-Wan moment as they suddenly feel a great disturbance in the force as they draw closer to Gorr's planet. When suddenly from their ship's side climbs Young Thor. After some great banter between the three, we find that the homemade bomb did nothing to the Godbomb. They all gear up and we are given a last page of the three Thors ready to fight.
"The Time for words has past. Now we let the hammers talk."
I can't say it enough. This is how Thor should be. This is how a book about the Gods should be. If you have any interest in Thor at all, this is the place to go. I really don't know how else to sell it. He rained goddamn fire from the goddamn sky cuz he's the goddamn Thor.

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