Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NB of the Week

(-Plus Spoils-)

New Avengers #06 (Blue Hell)
When an Incursion happens, it's a Red Event. So what does Blue mean? It means you're even more screwed. Blue means Mapmakers, who take your Earth in order to help map the multiverse. They kill everything living on it and take it as their own until the next one. The team has no choice but to destroy that Earth and cross the line they never wanted to.

Justice League of America #04 (World's Most Dangerous: 4)
Catwoman has infiltrated the Secret Society of Super-Villains. As she snoops around, the rest of the League track her signal only to find that it was all a trap. As they are ambushed by Shaggy Man, Catwoman is confronted by a mystery man, who decides it's best to put a bullet in her head. The last page is her on the ground, blood pooling underneath her. (Don't worry, she has her own series so I assume she's not really dead)

Captain America #07 (Ashes of Our Fathers)
Zola has taken back Ian (his son whom Steve has raised) and Steve is gunning to get him back. Soon, Zola's full plan is revealed: He is coming back to Earth and infecting everybody with his consciousness and taking over Earth. As Steve tries to still reach Ian, it's too late and he is gunned down by the boy that he raised.

Earth 2 Annual #01 (Secrets and Origins)

Al Pratt takes down a bad dude with the help of the new Batman whose identity was not revealed. Meanwhile, his old partner Captain Steel is going to go into one of the fire pits that Terry Sloan created. Also elsewhere, Mister Miracle and Barda are ambushed by Fury. And Batman needs to find Hawkwoman. Great issue but lots of set-up.

Savage Wolverine #05 (Savage: 5)
Essentially everybody fails. Wolverine stabs Hulk in the head, the alien ting is awoken and everybody then leaves. Only the alien leaves to his master, Visher-Rakk and informs him that he has found a galaxy with planets rich for his feasting. We apparently have a new Galactus. Also Hulk fights a giant ape and gets eaten by a whale. Greatest cameo ever.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #01 (Trust Fall)
What the Hell has this book become? Todd has his own memory wiped but is now searching for who he used to be. Starfire apparently now lies about how her memory works (which is a convenient twist that helps DC back-peddle). Roy has a nice talk with Victor Hugo in the past about Ollie not liking him. Where did the fun that this book used have go to?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #22 (City Fall: 1)
Everything starts to come together. Casey is kidnapped by Karai and Alopex in order to flush out the Turtles. When Shredder arrives and wants to speed things up, he stabs Casey through and that's when the fighting begins. However, caught up in their anger, things don't go well for the Turtles. They get a bleeding and dying Casey out by Shredder gets exactly what he wanted: Leonardo.

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