Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NB of the Week


X-Factor #256 - Hell On Earth War: Conclusion
Written by Peter David
Drawn by Leonard Kirk

Where do I even start with a recap? Wolfsbane's son Tier started the Hell On Earth War between the Lords of Hell in which they are fighting for control of most everything. Mephisto has imprisoned the Lords, claiming victory (the killing of Tier was their competition for this). He has also enslaved Multiple Man, using his dupes as an army Meanwhile, quite a bit ago, Strong Guy was killed and brought back without a soul, turning him into a careless douche. His old, budding relationship with M turned ugly and now they hate each other for it. So he accidentally killed he last issue. Tier has now embraced his position as the only one able to "kill" the Lords of Hell and is gunning for Mephisto...
Still here?
Lots of people fight. Polaris leads the charge in the front, along with Jezebel (Mephisto's daughter) who has taken control over the Madrox Dupe Army from her father. As they attack there, Tier has gone in from behind. When Satana comes to the Lords' prison, she finds them all "dead" (sent back to their sections of Hell) as Tier gets her next. Mephisto is all he has left. As both sides converge on the throne of Mephisto, he definitely isn't scared. As he attacks Tier, Shatterstar jumps in for the strike only to be obliterated. Seeing his lover killed, Rictor (You didn't know they were together?) goes in without thinking, also being obliterated. After turning his sights on Wolfsbane, Tier goes berserk, surprising even Mephisto as he begins to tear him to shreds. Until Tier suddenly stops. Having come up from behind and stabbing the child through the chest, Strong Guy has killed Tier. Strong Guy has become the new Ruler of Hell. We're left with Guido bringing M back to life, an apology of sorts for the way everything ended (while making sure she knows she's the reason he did it) and telling her to "Get Out".
Marvel has said that X-Factor, after 7 years under Peter David, is ending. This may be the most underrated title out there. David has taken characters that have been long dead to a reading audience and made them relevant and, more importantly, made them likable. Easily the most quality-consistent book I've read over the last decade (not to mention the second best x-book after Remender's X-Force), this ending left me a bit speechless. 3 deaths (technically four but she got better) and a major character twist for Guido. I have no idea what Marvel is planning for these characters after this series but David has said he is writing another book so my fingers are crossed that it has something to do with them.

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