Friday, January 10, 2014

Clif-Notes: Lone Survivor

This one can be made short and sweet (as opposed to all my other reviews which are long and bitter): Go see Lone Survivor.
I think at this point, most people know the true-life plot behind the movie but I'll tell ya anyhows. After a single choice to either kill innocents or let them walk and potentially bring reinforcements back goes horribly wrong (guess which option they pick), Marcus Lutrell, Michael Murphy, Danny Dietz and Matt Axelson must fight for their lives in enemy territory. As the title reveals, three don't make it out alive but that doesn't change anything for the movie. It was fast-paced, exciting and very tense at points. There were a few parts in particular where the audience as a whole "oohed" and moaned and there were definitely some points that were a little bit hard to watch. The back end of it felt a little slow after the others died because you knew the last man was still making it out no matter what they threw at him but that wasn't the point. It was about choices and fighting for the brother next to you and those were loud and clear.
If you like war-type movies, this is right up your alley. If you have a hard time sitting through the grit and grime that comes with that, maybe not so much. I for one have started my 2014 Movies off to a great lead.


  1. Good review. I almost didn't right one because of it.

  2. Your words are always better and more thought out. Mine are just loud. Scorsese vs Michael Bay.

  3. Does that mean I need to get glasses now?