Friday, January 3, 2014

NB of the Week

Holidays have come and gone and with it come the messed up reading schedule. Not many this week so it's late but here's the run down:

New Avengers #13
The Illuminati of another dimension find out that it's no use fighting as faceless beings destroy them all so that they can have their world. Our Illuminati use Reed's bridge (from Hickman's Fantastic Four run) in order to begin watching other dimensions to try and figure things out better. Not much progression at all but amazing story and amazing art.

Savage Wolverine #13
Madripoor has a lot of poachers who are killing for fur and ivory and Wolverine doesn't like it. Because he's an animal himself and can talk to elephants... What the hell was with this story? Wolverine tells us that killing animals is bad. Great. Thank you for wasting two issues in order to convey an after-school special.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #9
The Masters and King Randor fight for their lives in the ring of Dreams of the Underworld (think the rings of Hell in Dante's Inferno but less scary for the kids). As the realm turns more against them, Teela. Stratos and Moss Man are eaten and sent to the next ring, Earth. Sadly, that was about all that happened. Too slow for my liking but I don't care. He-Man is still the shit.

Superman Unchained #5
Surprise, Wraith has seemingly turned on Superman... I plan on rereading this after it's finally done. Maybe then I'll get a story and understand why I'm paying for this.

Artifacts #33
Guest writer and artist take over this issue (and the next, though by a new pair) as Tom Judge solves a long running killing spree. The man used magic to make his victims the keys on a piano so that they would sing his song for every new victim he made play. Nothing brilliant but the creative team are newbies who won a talent contest and it was pretty good for a first go.

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