Monday, January 13, 2014

The Return to Amazing... Hopefully

After a Previews cover was "leaked" last week, it has been confirmed by Marvel that The Amazing
Spider-Man title is returning along with Peter Parker. Bringing him back are long running creators Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. Not made clear (or I could have just missed it) was the fate of SpOck as Superior. In case you didn't know, Doctor Octopus switched his mind with Peter as his body was dying. Afterwards, Pete's conscience had been trapped in his mind with Ock but Ock soon wiped the mind clear of Pete (seemingly) and began to live a new life as Peter inside Pete's body.
I am both annoyed and excited for this change to finally come (with another Amazing movie coming, it was inevitable that Pete was brought back).
On the plus side, SpOck has made some pretty significant changes to Pete's life. His job, his relationships and his education have all changed. He has changed the way people perceive Spider-Man (or at lest they should perceive him differently) from killing (yes, he did kill) to a more authoritative approach in patrolling his street (he now has himself linked to robot spiders that patrol everything and alert him of any trouble). All these things should make it pretty hard for Peter to adjust to being back. It's essentially become a new world that he'll come back to and I find that concept very intriguing. Peter Parker is a character that has gone through a lot of story but I've always felt his depth as a person has never been stretched. This could be the new start that could revitalize him and make him exciting once more.
On the negative side, I have never liked Superior Spider-Man. Getting past the One More Day crap that was forced, Amazing was still a decent title for the most part. Until the rotating cast of writers was cut down to just Slot. Slott started writing Pete as though he had no history. He was out of character, stories were thrown out that contradicted others and people became dumber to help advance the plot. And they didn't stop with Pete. As Superior, Ock has been nothing less than an annoying and became an asshole to everyone. The dude freaking killed somebody! And not once has another hero said "man, what the hell happened? Spider-Man was never like this."
So Peter Parker is coming back and people seem pleased. At the same point, people are pissed that Ock may be leaving. I'm more pissed that Dan Slott is still writing and that's the thing that is holding me back from really getting excited.

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