Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NB of the Week


First, a very special thank you to Marvel who it appears has finally started reading my letters and taking my advice and giving us the all nuded version of the Avengers. It's gonna be a sexy month.

Captain America #15
Written by Rick Remender
Drawn by Carlos Pacheco

The Iron Nail continues to watch Cap, Nuke and SHIELD as he informs others (mostly for us readers) of his plans to take down the West. As Cap and Fury Jr transport Nuke (who'd rather be called Frank) to a security base for questioning, Cap begins to help Frank see that he has been a pawn. That the war is over and that he was programmed by Weapon Minus to follow orders. He begins to see the errors in what he's done as they arrive to the mountain base in the Grand Canyon. Falcon and Cap go back to Brooklyn and they begin to talk about how things don't seem right. They believe somebody has a bigger game in mind and that smearing the name of America is just the start. Telling Cap to get some rest, Falcon heads back to help get answers from Nuke. As a SHIELD Agent, whose father was saved by Nuke back in the day, talks to him, trying to ease his mind and get some answers, we see the Iron Nail looking in as he grabs a remote of some kind, claiming that Fury's son has no idea what that base is housing before pushing the button on the remote. Light glows out from the head of Nuke as he screams and blows up him and the mountain base. As Fury Jr and newly arrived Falcon go flying into the chasm from the blast, we see inside the base as a large,
used-to-be-secured door is now blasted open. Out from the smoke, we get the premiere of the Psychedelic Super-Soldier himself, Dr. Mindbubble. Weapon Minus is in full swing and Captain America is about to meet it's first child.
Remender planted the seed of Mindbubble back in his Uncanny X-Force run, though it was just a statue that was destroyed during a fight. But the seeds are there. He's been building upon Grant Morrison's Weapon Plus/Minus premise for a while now and it's awesome to see it taking form. Remender has proven he can handle the long-term plots and handle them extremely well and I can't wait for this next storyline. Dr. Mindbubble may just become a new favorite.

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