Thursday, January 16, 2014

NB of the Week


It was a smaller week and I was gonna run through the six books I got but after reading Daredevil, it was hard to not pick a favorite. So here's the latest chapter in the life and times of Matt Murdock:

Daredevil #35
Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Chris Samnee

Daredevil has thwarted the plots of the Serpents a lot lately but they may have put him into a corner. After receiving a call about Foggy, Matt rushes to the hospital only to find a doctor has "saved" Foggy from his cancer with an illegal, experimental drug. Matt soon finds out that the Serpents are behind it. Why? One of the men there explains that though his son is a Serpent, he has been wrongly arrested for arson and the murder of many people involved. And they've done their homework. They have proof that Matt is Daredevil. They have studied him, his powers, his origins, his everything and they will use it all against him. He will be revealed as a liar, will be disbarred from law and his life will be over. Either Matt defends the man or it's all gone. Murdock decides to ask advice form Elektra as he finds he does his best thinking while moving (which in his life means sparing with her and fighting bad guys). She reminds him that she didn't become the best by having moves that people could ever predict. Taking her advice, Matt goes to trial. Bringing Kristen with him, he forgoes opening remarks and goes strait to testimony as she calls Matt to the stand. After Matt swears in under oath, Kristen asks him to state his name leaving us with a huge bombshell of an ending:
"My name is Daredevil."
Marvel has started relaunching every book they have and Daredevil was coming up. After one more issue, Waid will pen a digital series that leads into the new Daredevil book in which Murdock moves from Hell's Kitchen (I think to California) and has to start new. What better way than to out himself as Daredevil, thus taking from the Serpents what leverage they had and forcing himself into a new life? Waid has impressed me from the start of this series. I was uncertain if I was going to be buying the next one as the new start gave Marvel the reason they needed to start charging an extra dollar every issue but if this reveal stays and he's not tricking his way out, I may have to swallow that money and do it. Murdock admitting to lying all this time (in the comics, since he was outed in 1998) and having to leave everything behind could be a giant change for him and I want to be there for every step.

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