Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NB of the Week

-Just call me The Rock cuz you're getting the Rundown!-
(yes, I know how bad that one was but I couldn't find anything better. Sue me)

Inhuman #1
After the events of Infinity (last year), the Terrigen mists have been released upon the world. What that does is change anybody with an Inhuman gene into an Inhuman. If they're lucky. But not all societies of the Inhuman culture are happy with it. Charles Soule does a pretty decent job of taking over from the brilliant Matt Fraction as writer. Not much past set-up but a solid start.

Starlight #2
Duke McQueen is not 40 years older and out of shape since he save Tantalus and now some kid wants him back because they're in even bigger trouble now. Hero epics don't get any more basic than this and Millar's pulling it off wonderfully. Now we just hope Duke survives this time around.

Artifacts #36
Apparently Ron Marz is done writing this book and every issue gets worse and worse. I think it's time to drop this one. Oh, and Tilly comes across an equation that is making people kill. Yay.

Earth 2 #22
Alan Scott is back and more pissed off than ever. Too bad those first pages telling us that are all wee see of him. Meanwhile, Superman attacks Batman and the others. As he goes for the new, young Kryptonian (a Zod...), Lois reveals herself to him to his big surprise. End of Issue. Again, not much progress but a good issue.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Prelude #1
Turns out Nebula is a big ol' failure. Gamora, Korath and herself are agents of Thanos and after an Orb that he really, really wants. Only she fails to get it. I assume this is what we see Quill take in the trailer and if these guys all want it, Thanos can't be too far behind.

Ultimate Spider-Man #200
As a lead into the new Miles Morales: Spider-Man series, we get what would be the 200th issue is Ult Spidey (with some mini series trickery I don't agree with). Bendis uses it beautifully as all the characters join to remember the like of Peter Parker and what he meant to them. Only (AND SPOILS BE FOLLOWING) it looks like he may be back as on the last page of the issue, we see what looks likes the back of Pete as he watches everybody leave his Aunt's home. Guess dead isn't so dead in the Ultimate-verse.

Captain America #19
Not much here but still really awesome as Cap attacks Mindbubble and Iron Nail. He gets the upper hand of Nail but by the end, falls prey to Mindbubble's mind bubbles. Hopefully Cap can get back to basics and start kicking ass again. My bet's on that happening.

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