Thursday, April 17, 2014

NB of the Week

It may feel like a small week but that's only because it was.

Wonder Woman #30
We get a smaller, lead-in issue to what we know is going to be a huge battle. Wonder Woman has to find a way to gather her troops behind her cause while First Born is still trying to conquer the rest of the Gods now that he has Olympus. Awesome, awesome stuff from Azzarello.

Witchblade #174
Sara Pezzini reunites the two parts of the Witchblade as she defeats the Angelus. There is still a large mystery as to how it happened (not to mention how the Darkness is apparently dead) but Image does claim that all will be revealed and that "good things come to those who wait". Marz back in the book is definitely a huge bonus for the title.

Ultimate FF #1
After Galactus nearly took out the Ultimate-verse, a new Future Foundation has taken the empty place that defunct-SHIELD left. The team now includes Sue Storm, Falcon, Iron Man and X-51. Oh, and the return of the original Doom. Good luck with that guy, FF.

Justice League #29
Cyborg, with the help of the Metal Men, shuts down Grid and plans to help free the League now... Is Forever Evil over yet?

Thor: God of Thunder #21
Roxxon attacks Thor where it hurts the most: Broxton. As they buy up all the land and begin to pollute everything, Thor is helpless as a restraining order prevents him from nearing the place. Very well written stuff but a little on the boring side this story. Thor vs Big Business Pollution is not the most exciting thing.

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #3
Winter is a bad mother Shut-Yo-Mouth. Shen tries his best to not die again as Winter proves just how deadly he is. However, electricity is undoing his brainwashing. Will he remember Cap and his history? Well, not for long if he does since we know what happens after all this. But damn good story.

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