Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NB of the Week


Iron Fist: the Living Weapon #1 - Rage: Part One
Written & Drawn by Kaare Andrews

The Dragon returns in a new ongoing series from the extraordinary Kaare Andrews. And if you ever read his
Spider-Man: Black Reign, you know what kind of flare he can bring. However, the Rand we get is a bit of a downer. The issue does a great job of retelling his origin with a little more spunk thrown in but Danny seems pretty mopey. He seems like a hero lost. Somebody how isn't as happy as the last time we saw him but not quite to the emo-dancing-Spidey we all remember from Spidey 3. He is a man who feels haunted by his father and his legacy and ultimate fall. As Rand tells a reporter his story, we get a little change in that his father, on his quest for the city of K'un Lun, is a bit obsessed. To the point of crazy, as Danny tells it. In fact, it's those same crazy eyes that he now has. As he stands over his penthouse (I assume penthouse) window, staring at the corporate name his father left, he is attacked by undead ninjas. The worst possible kind of ninjas. The fight here is pretty badass as he fists the hell outta them (yes, I used just the words I wanted). Turns out they came after looking were looking for a little girl. As Rand thinks he's won, in walks the little girl. She falls to the ground, arrows impaled over back, telling Rand that he must return to K'un Lun.
Iron Fist can be an amazing story, as Brubaker and Fraction have proven. This story, while a little "simple" in it's initial premise, feels like it's bringing him back to that. He's powerful and dark and slightly brooding right now but it all fit together so nicely that I don't mind if he's mopey. What I do know is that I want more Fist, more ass kicking and more Kaare Andrews doing it. Marvel may have the next big book on their hands.

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