Thursday, April 24, 2014

NB of the Week


Justice League United #0 - Justice League Canada: Part 1 (of 5)

Written by Jeff Lemire
Drawn by Mike McKone

Remember when DC was gonna give Canada their own Justice League team? Well, this is what happened with it. Throw in some space adventures and a home base in the Great North, and you know get Justice League United.
While at a fan convention of some kind, Animal Man and Stargirl are approached by Dr. Adam Strange, a local university professor and anthropologist. Turns out he needs their help after a dig went wrong. He and and "associate" (comic code for Lady Lover) had come across some weird skeletons. Bones that were not of the earthly kind. But before they knew it, his associate was suddenly beamed outta there. Now he needs the duo's help to find her.
As they follow him to the dig site, they are quickly attacked by aliens (thus confirming even more his story). In pop Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter after it turns out that Stargirl had called on her former teammates (former? Yeah, since Forever Evil still isn't finished, we have no idea why) for help. After stopping the attack, Manhunter and Arrow find that the alien's secret lair has been buried beneath them this whole time. As they prepare for an even bigger fight (as comics tend to setup), one of the aliens escapes, bringing us to their big boss as he says their plans are already in motion and gives us his name: Lord Byth.
Meanwhile and elsewhere, Strange's associate is imprisoned and being given to new, Pretty-Boy Lobo. As she tries to create an uprising amongst the others, she is joined by only one other who is willing to fight Lobo: Hawkman. How he was ever captured, I have no ides yet but that's a fight I can't wait for.
Here's the honest thing about this - DC kinda sucks. Their New 52 stuff has been mostly bust for me so another League book being launched wasn't the most exciting thing. Except they put Lemire on it. Not only has he been able to make such duds as Green Arrow and Animal Man awesome again but after reading his Sweet Tooth, he has my support in most anything. Yes it's an early start to this series but it's a very promising start and I look forward to reading it for hopefully a good while.

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