Monday, April 28, 2014

Clif-Notes: Knights of Badassdom

In order to help mend his broken heart, Hung and Eric (Peter Dinklage & Steve Zahn) trick their friend Joe (Ryan Kwanten) into their big weekend of LARPing (Live Action Role Playing for the novices). While casting a spell in order to get Joe's character into the game, they find that the book used is actually filled with spells and an evil succubus is summoned. What follows is hilarity as any geek would love it.
Evil Dead, combined with Fan Boys with an ending that would give Tenacious D a run for their metal money, this movie was awesome. It wasn't brilliant. It has some pretty cheesy moments and the effects were a little hokey and Syfy-ish but it had down pact the feeling of geekdom and how things are looked at. As a proud geek, I say with the fullest of confidence that we take things a little too seriously at times and this movie doesn't stray from that. And it's not done with malice or even the greatest of intelligence, which is probably exactly how most of us would understand it the most. It doesn't have the greatest ratings across the boards (5.9 on IMDB and a 56% on Rotten) and I honestly understand why some people wouldn't like it. I am not one. I laughed and cried and wanted to change my life with every scene. Well, maybe not but I did laugh and I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire movie and that's the greatest thing that any movie can do.

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