Friday, May 2, 2014

(Late) NB of the Week

With some busy hours coming at work, the small batch this week is a little late. Good thing there wasn't much. As it stands, I hand over the Runs...

Avengers #28
In what should really have been called  New Avengers 16.5, Jonathan Hickman uses the other-dimensional  Avengers to remind us that when he's not a Green counterpart, Banner is too damn smart to be stumped. After putting two and two together, Banner calls out Stark for having put the Illuminati back together. To silence things (and the OD Hulk), they stage a Hulk berserk and send OD Banner to jail while regular Marvel Banner is brought into the arms of the other Illuminati. Which also leads into...

New Avengers #17
Panther and Namor continue to watch the Avengers (called the Great Society) of Earth 4,290,001 as they defeat an incurusion only to find another coming. They continue to fight even if it means to the death. As Panther and Namor banter, Panther sees an alarming sight: themselves two hours in the future confronting the Great Society. Guess we know which worlds are colliding soon enough.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #12
As the other Masters try their best to get past the Snakemen and save Adam, King Hssss plans on casting him into the Star Seed in order to free himself and his following. As Teela has Stratos fly her to the front so she may try and stop it all. Unfortunately it only gets her sent into the Star Seed, which turns out isn't really a bad thing. The power of the Sorceress finds her and transfers power to her. As the new Sorceress, Teela is able to stop the Snakemen and get them out. Teela's changed, King Randor is dead (possibly for a while now) and Hordak is still taking over. Things don't look so great for He-Man and his Masters.

Uncanny Avengers Annual #1
Say "Hello" to the Supernatural Avengers, Mojoverse's newest tv sensation team. Comprised of Manphibian, Doctor Strange, Man-Thing, Ghost Rider, Blade and Satana, it's up to them to stop the Uncanny Avengers in a twisted game of Mojo Cat & Mouse. This issue didn't so anything for the regular UA series but it was still written by Rick Remender and was a lot of fun to read. Most Annuals are completely pointless now-a-days so it was refreshing to read one that was just plain fun.

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