Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NB of the Week

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
I've got the Runs,
Now I give them to You.

Iron Fist: the Living Weapon #2
This issue seemingly had a lot but in recapping it, maybe not so much. Back in K'un Lun, Davos' sister (whom I apparently don't even remember) is attacked by the same kinda robot/ninja Danny was attacked by only Davos is with them. We then see their leader attack Shou-Lao who seemingly recognizes him. Back on Earth, Danny makes his way to the portal to K'un Lun, recalling some more of his past. But when he finally makes it there, he finds nothing but death and destruction. Somebody sure as shit is gonna pay.

Original Sin #1 (of 8)
Marvel kicks off their next "event" to a quiet success. Somebody has killed the Watcher and taken his eyes. Fury Sr is leading the group in trying to find out who could have done it though nothing is given up in this first issue. However, a mystery figure (at least I don't know who it is. Maybe it was revealed in interviews or such) is putting their own team together: Ant-Man (Lang), Emma Frost, Punisher, Dr Strange, Moon Knight, Winter Soldier and Gamora. Lots of mystery and intrigue and I'm so far excited to see what's really going on.

Fatale #22
We learn the "history" of our villain, Mr Bishop. Essentially he's done a lot of bad things in order help his Gods take over, including killing and hanging lots of babies from a tree (yes, you read that right and it was just as disturbing as you'd think). Pretty much back-story in this one with not much progress as Brubaker prepares the title for is likely amazing ending.

Miles Morales: the Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (say that ten time fast)
Lots of things going down as Miles gets his new title along with the other Ultimate-verse launches. First, we find that Norman Osborn is still alive and in captivity (we never did see what happened to him). Only not for long as he soon breaks free (of course). Meanwhile, two other baddies in Spider-like suits are spreading havoc but nothing much else. Over to Miles, he fights with the idea of revealing his identity to his girlfriend and seeks the advice of Mary Jane (who pretty much says nothing new. It was great but he'd better be prepared to have her around through good and bad). Miles then heads home hoping to finally find his father only he finds a bigger mystery instead: Peter Parker. What the who?!

All-New X-Factor #7
A young lady is broadcasting a video (as young people do) when her father storms in and has his "henchman" shoot her computer. Looks like a job for X-Factor. Turns out that the father is Scott Dakei, avid mutant hater. Without corporate permission, Factor goes to possibly extract the young lady from harm. What they find id a bit baffling: the girl is perfectly happy, doesn't want to leave and in fact wants the autographs of real life mutants. When Cypher tries to get a little more physical in order to take her, she reveals a little secret of her own: she's a mutant who can seemly drain the life from people. Cypher is left a dried out husk on the floor. Oops.

Savage Wolverine #18
In what is probably the second weakest story so far, Wolverine gets stuck in a race-war between the white hicks (naturally) and some Mexicans. However, things turn sour for all when news of Kennedy's assassination come out. By the way, this was in the past. The end.

Earth 2 #23
Lots of cool action with not as much story. After Clark is reunited with Lois, she is able to distract him enough to leave Val alone. Alan returns as Green Lantern and takes him to safety but not for too long. Clark has left with Lois to the Kent farm and as Lois tries to figure things out with Ma and Pa and Clark, Clark orders the strike on the Batcave. We're left with the cave exploding and most of the heroes seemingly still in it. I'm cure most will be ok.

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