Friday, May 23, 2014

NB of the Week


Forever Evil #7
Written by Geoff Johns
Drawn by David Finch

In case you haven't been on the know, Forever Evil is the long built, often delayed event mini that DC has been trying to tell for a while now (it's prelude story was last summer). Here's the lead in: After the big mystery about Pandora and her "box", turns out it was a key to another dimension which lead to the introduction of the New 52's Crime Syndicate. After vanishing all the heroes (sans Batman, of course), it began to fall on the villains to fight for their world. Blood was shed, feelings were hurt and in the end the good guys won. But here's why it still got my pick:
DC wasn't afraid to try for big changes.
At the end of the series, Nightwing is "dead" (only a handful know that he's not really dead) and Dick Grayson is becoming a super spy. The big baddie that destroyed the Syndicate's Earth 3 wasn't Darkseid as we all thought but the Anti-Monitor (making he's/it's New 52 debut as well). Lex Luthor has realized that to protect his world, Superman is no longer the only concern, not only saving Superman's life personally but becoming a member of the Justice League after all this. Why would a character like Batman not only allow this but to serve beside him? Because Luthor showed his smarts and has figured out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. At least, I assume that'll be a big reason why it's allowed. We haven't seen that part yet.
The story wasn't all that original. It certainly wasn't the greatest thing Johns has written. It's delays took away from the overall story. And it was still awesome. I give DC a lot of credit for this story. What they've changed may not be too surprising of ideas nor do I think they will be the longest lasting of effects but this is an age where comic events don't take many risks. They occur one after the other and mostly leave no long term anythings. So this may not last and it may not seem too original but they stuck to it, made their changes and I very much applaud the effort. Some good stories could come from this and I hope it pans out for them. Because they don't have much else to fall on.

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