Thursday, May 29, 2014

(Late)NB of the Week


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #13

Written by Dan Abnett
Drawn by Pop Mhan

The world of He-Man continues to expand it's mythology as we go back a thousand years from our present story to the time Hordak lost his battle for Eternia and was banished. During the celebratory feast, we meat Adi, a trusted elder to Grayskull, member of the Gars race (where Sy-Klone is from). Shortly after, Adi overhears Grayskull's wife tell him of a prophecy. Two children of his shall fight each other for control of the realm. Adi will not have Grayskull tear the kingdom apart and sets into motion his plan. Saryn, hand maiden to Grayskull, is also a Gar and is Adi's secret weapon. She has served the King for long and has her hesitations. He has been as a father to her over the years but she is being pulled and feels she must serve her people more. As the warriors from Anwat-Gar strike from the outside, Grayskull is surprised as his body stops responding. Saryn apologizes first. She has poisoned his wine to stop him and pulls a cursed blade to finish the job. Tears flow as she begs him to not look at her but he does not give her the request. She slices the blade across his neck, falls to her knees and weeps at the feet of the slain king. "The darkest night of all. One thousand years ago."
When DC announced a new Masters title from writer James Robinson and Philip Tan, I was very happy. Great talent on a title I love to read (good or bad). Then both men left the book and new names took over. A little surprisingly, the book has gotten better. And here we are, a year and a half later, with a new writer and it keeps growing. Dan Abnett (half of the DnA writing team) doesn't always have the most fluid story telling but his storylines have been amazing. DC has made a He-Man book worthy of the name and I can't wait to see how She-Ra is brought in (as She-Ra, since Adora is already there).

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