Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NB of the Week

Lock up the priests
And hide from the nuns,
It's about to get naughty
Cuz here come the runs.

Astro City #12

When living in Astro City, it's easy to fall over a line: either to being a hero or being the villain. For Ned, once the choice of being a villain came about, he knew it was the life for him. But when he finally falls for the girl of his dreams, is getting out of the life as easy as he hopes? Busiek continues his amazing run on what has always been an amazing series. If you've never read an Astro City, it's never too late.

Justice League United #1
After a great first issue with #0 (essentially giving 'em two first issues), this issue is a little slower as we move into story set-up. Adam Strange gets his space suit, the new League gets it's first victory (sort of) and Lobo wins against Hawkman. Proving the new, pretty Lobo is one bad mother shut yo mouth.

New Avengers #18
The Illuminati prepares to face the other "them" that they've been watching. But lets skip the story and just marvel (no pun intended) at how Hickman has essentially written 18 issues of the same plot and made every single issue relevant and interesting. A feat that seems impossible when said aloud.

Avengers #29
In Hickman's other Avenger title, we fall under the Original Sin banner after Captain America remembers that not only have the Illuminati reformed but that after standing against their decision to possibly destroy other Earths (as seen in New Avengers), they wiped his memory. Cap and the other Avengers don't like being used and the issue ends with a big fight. Again. It's much cooler than it sounds even if we've kind of already read this before.

All-New Ultimates #2
The new, young Ultimates win their fight with the Serpents but at a price. Death and poison rock them all as they all suffer from.... well, being poisoned. Fiffe is a new writer to me and while I'm enjoying his plot so far, it's not the most cohesive writing. It reads like a very artsy Indie book so far and that's not an easy transition for me on characters that have never been written that way.

Captain America #20
Cap is able to burst out of Mindbubble's bubble and defeats him rather easy (bending the valve coming from his head apparently floods his own mind with those bubbles). However, the final battle with the Iron Nail has just began as we get the conclusion next issue. Remender has done some great writing with this title and I'm excited to see whatever he decides to bring in next.

Starlight #3
Duke McQueen returns to Tantalus to find that everybody has essentially become slaves to a dictatorship. After seeing a "police mugging", Duke steps in and causes trouble. Killing the evil powers that are keeping the man down. It doesn't last too long, though, as McQueen is old and can't quite get away like he used to. Good thing there's a resistance that seems to be lead by a very female looking Han Solo type character who wants to rescue him.

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