Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dark Knight Announements

WB and Christopher Nolan have announced that Tom Hardy will be playing Bane in the new Bat-flick and that Anne Hathaway has be signed to play Catwoman. A lot of rumors have been plastered around for a while now as to who Hardy would be and what lady would play a female and/or villain role and it's all over now.
When it comes to Bane, I really don't are who plays him. Bane in a Nolan Batman movie will be super bad-ass! Millions better then that retarded version that was in Batman and Robin. Tom Hardy doing it should be awesome on it's own but with Nolan behind it, I expect great things.
Hathaway is a toss up for me. I love her and would be kind enough to let her have my babies but I don't know how I feel about her as Catwoman. It's just hard to picture her as that kind of character (though seeing her in a costume for it will probably make me need new undies...) but I'm on board.
Nolan behind these characters will be awesome. Pretty much anyone he casts should be awesome. Looks like we have some awesome shit to look forward to with this movie.
(and I defy you to tell me that Hardy in that pic from Bronson doesn't look Bane)


  1. Tom Hardy's a bad ass! Now, matbe Bane won't be clown shoes.

  2. I am excited to see a good Bane and I think he will do a good job.