Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Superman

Word is coming in that Brit man Henry Cavill has signed on to play the lead role in the new Superman flick which is also reportedly being called Man of Steel. I recognize this dude's face from Stardust but I didn't really remember him, nor do I watch The Tudors but he is the "lead role" in Tarsem's (The Cell and The Fall) Immortals which is suppose to be out this year. I dig how the guy looks. Not sure it's the perfect Super/Clark look but with Zack Snyder directing and Chris Nolan behind the scenes (including this casting), he should be amazing. What you peeps say? Do we have a winner?


  1. Well, since I have already admitted to you that I was unaware of a remake, I will also tell you I have no input other than I like looking at him. :)

  2. No!!!! I was hoping they'd cast David Spade. What a crock!!