Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NB of the Week

Uncanny X-Force #4
I think it may go without saying that FF 587 was really the best comic of the week but because I already ranted and raved about it, I didn't want to list another post that said "See Yesterday's Post" so I'm not allowing it to be nominated for this week's NB.
Instead we get back to Uncanny X-Force. If you were actually paying attention, you'll remember that issue 3 was NB in it's week also, as it left Psylock alone in the room with Child Apocalypse. This issue ends the current story as we finally get the decision to kill or not to kill CA. Most of the issue is the other teammates making their way to Psylock and that room. We get some pretty funny parts with Deadpool trying to nurture Archangel back to life (by knifing off bits of his flesh to feed to him...) and some witty banter between Fantomex and Wolverine as they slice and shoot their way in. Opena's art is amazing as usual. He has a very refined grittiness to it that fits the dark tone of the book perfectly and it's really meant to be on a character like Archangel. As everyone converges on Psylock and the child, we find that she was not intent on killing him as the last page of the last issue suggested. Instead she makes the claim that killing a child for a future he hasn't created yet is no better then what he would do if that future actually happens. Her and Archangel fight over this for a little, with her being stopped by Wolverine as he agrees with her.

"We'll bring the boy back. Rehabilitate him. Train him best we can to--"

But he is cut off by a loud "BLAM". They turn to see Fantomex standing with a smoking gun, the child dead on the ground with a bullet hole in his forehead. As the ship begins to explode, they make the teleport off, Fantomex leaving last so he can close the child's eyes before everything is gone and we are left with a silent last page as everyone just looks lost in the decision that he just made.
Rick Remender is brilliant on this book. His dark writing fits the characters better then most books out there and yet he does it with an emotion that connects you. The last page was amazing collaboration between writing and art as you are left knowing that the right choice was made but also knowing that it's choice that nobody really wanted. If you don't know who Rick Remender is, this may be the perfect comic to read and with only four issues in and a trade looming in the distance, it won't be hard to get.

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