Monday, January 17, 2011

New Spartacus

200th Post! And it's all about nudity and violence! Sorta!

Starz announced today that they have officially replaced Andy Whitfield in the title role of Spartacus. Season 2 is set to begin on Friday with a prequel story. I do believe they were doing that for the first half and then coming back to current events the back half, However, Whitfield's cancer came back strong and was forced to drop from the show. Along with his full endorsing, they have since cast Aussie Liam McIntyre.
The show started out slow with the main focus seemingly only on the sex and nudity but about half way through the story took over and it ended very awesomely. I'm still a bit skeptic about replacing Whitfield cuz he was the best part of the show but I suppose only time will tell. Here's pics of Whitfield (left) and McIntyre. Both pretty rugged (if I do say so myself) but we shall see.

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